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[5.16 MB] - What is YOUR purpose...and where does it come from? #Pause4Prayer
[5.55 MB] - Blessed Feast of St. Matthew! He gave a banquet for the Lord. What is the banquet I will offer Jesu
[10.34 MB] - We glory in God’s mercy on this Feast of St. Matthew. What is the meaning of mercy in your life?
[673.96 kB] - 06 - There Is Born A Child
[785.13 kB] - 04 - O What A Wonderful Child
[5.41 MB] - What IS it about Jesus? #Pause4Prayer
[5.16 MB] - What is YOUR purpose...and where does it come from? #Pause4Prayer
[31.02 MB] - Coronavirus: The important shift is what happens within
[146.21 kB] - What IS it about God and forgiveness?
[4.58 MB] - What shall we do, Lord? Our life is difficult! We turn to Him in confidence and PRAY. #Pause4Prayer
[14.21 MB] - What kind of joy is Jesus talking about? #Pause4Prayer Part of our reflection was taken from the bo
[5.71 MB] - What is the Lord trying to teach YOU today? #Pause4Prayer
[5.52 MB] - What is the measure you use when giving to others?
[5.15 MB] - What is the true treasure of your heart? #Pause4Prayer
[7.22 MB] - What IS there about the Word of the Lord? It has the power of God...! #Pause4Prayer
[779.84 kB] - 09 - What Wondrous Love Is This
[5.65 MB] - So what IS the will of God? #Pause4Prayer
[7.77 MB] - How will I follow the Lord today? What is my game plan for the day as I listen to the Holy Spirit,
[5.96 MB] - Jesus was tested by what he suffered. We trust him to help us in all our trials, for he is faithful
[5.49 MB] - Your little faith is distressing for you, but no so the LORD. He knows what to do.
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