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NMU Contact Details | Nelson Mandela University


NMU Contact Details | Nelson Mandela University: Website, Address, Phone Number and Lot More…  In this page, you’ll get to know the Nelson Mandela University Contact Details; Contact Address, Location, Tel., Email, Web Address and more…

The Nelson Mandela University, NMU Contact Information can be found below as derived from the NMU official website. As we strive to keep these contacts accurate and updated, the contact information can change without prior notice.

NMU Contact Details | Nelson Mandela University.

Helpful Contacts and Dates

To assist you with your inquiries, please look at the dates below and follow the links below or e-mail your questions or concerns to the relevant offices as listed below:

3 Jan – Nelson Mandela University Opens https://www.mandela.ac.za/
11 Jan – Online registration begins FOR FIRM OFFERS https://www.mandela.ac.za/Registration
20 Jan – Matric results are released https://www.education.gov.za/MatricResults/ExamResults.aspx
20 Jan – Dispatching of 1st SMS notifications to First-Years from 10:00 onwards every hour
22 Jan – Finalisation of ‘firm offers’ process to First-Years
22-29 Jan – Finalisation of offers and responses for all 2022 Matriculants
30 Jan – NSFAS funding applications close https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/how-to-apply.html
30 Jan-10 Feb – Change of Mind & Reconsiderations
3 Feb – Mandela University on-campus residences open to new first-year students https://www.mandela.ac.za/
4 Feb – Vice-Chancellor Professor Sibongile Muthwa’s Welcoming Address https://www.mandela.ac.za/
13-17 Feb – Assisted registration for First-Years
13-17 Feb – Finalisation of Change of Mind & Reconsiderations requests
13-17 February – First Year Success (FYS) Orientation Thrive Programme https://orientation.mandela.ac.za/
20 Feb – Lectures begin https://www.mandela.ac.za/

All Access and Enrolment related  enquiries should be directed to admissions@mandela.ac.za

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Helpful registration, accommodation information

To support new students and their parents at the start of the 2023 Academic Year (#AY2022), you may find the following information useful.

Registration process

  1. Students should ensure they have received a final acceptance SMS or have been officially informed of this before attempting to register.
  1. Students should ensure they have received financial clearance through SMSs before attempting to register. NSFAS students must track their funding status via their NSFAS portal.
  1. Students who experience challenges with registration, can e-mail onlineregistration@mandela.ac.za

Useful links

Register now:


Eligible to register?  Check your details below:




https://ocho.mandela.ac.za (off-campus accommodation)

Financial aid:




Track your application:


Alternatively, you can refer newcomers to helpful university contact links.

For additional support, contact the following, but please allow three working days for a response given the present high volume of inquiries:

Port Elizabeth campuses:

George Campus:

Financial info and concessions

For more information on financial support and concession, please go to https://finaid.mandela.ac.za/Concessions


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